If anyone is reading this blog and I’m pretty sure that title will have them scanning down the page immediately. So first of all I have to do what people tell you you should never do when writing something, and spill the beans right at the start.

The truth is I’m not going to tell you how to find happiness at all.

If you want to find out that sort of thing you might find it at the Cinema, or on DVD. There are plenty of films out there that will make you feel good and there are plenty of films out there that will make you think that there is a path to happiness mapped out within them.

Or you can go onto the Internet and I’m sure that people will be delighted to take large sums of money from you in order to sell you a PDF that will definitely tell you exactly how to find happiness and self-worth in your life.

This goes back to what I’ve been pondering for a couple of weeks now, what is my self-worth and how does it fit into the life of me and everyone around you?

I don’t want to be terribly shallow and only interested in material goods. So I was a little bit embarrassed I got so excited when I got the phone call a couple weeks ago that I would be getting back my macbook pro retina laptop back from repair. Should I be getting excited about something so blatantly materialistic and shallow?

But then I suppose millions of us do every day. But is that the way that humans are always at the way we have been conditioned to be in modern life? I know that as we have developed trading systems we have become more obsessed with material goods, but how did that develop? Things must have happened before that to make us interested in material possessions, I’m assuming right back to when we lived in caves, we wanted to have the right things around this to make our lives easier.

But one thing I am begin to realize is that everyone’s happiness is different. So there’s no way that anyone can tell you how to find happiness other than to cover the real basics of having self-worth, to value yourself and to not sell yourself cheaply to others. Beyond that in my opinion, I’m beginning to think that everything else is up for grabs.