Well this is the latest update in the life of me. I’ve been working really hard and the money is rolling in, although my social life is taking quite a hammering over the past few weeks due to my increased workload. So while my bank account looks huge, it’s not being sucked dry by my social life right now.

I suppose is ironic that in a few weeks time the work will dry up and my social life will increase, sucking the life out of my bank account. Then I will have to work again to have a social life, and then that cycle will continue on and on and on.

In other news I have finally sourced a local store who have the parts for my MacBook Pro retina screen, that got smashed. Hopefully it will be replaced in the next few days, I just have to get the thing there to be repaired.

So getting my MacBook sorted out is one good bit of positive news, especially as I’m working hard and I really need it. But the problem is if they don’t fix it really quickly then I’m going to be stuck in a situation where I have work to do and nothing to really do it on. Perhaps the time has come for me to invest in a backup cheap laptop, or small desktop, or even just a tablet, something other than my mobile phone to sit and do work on. Let’s be honest about it you can’t really do work on a mobile phone for more than a few minutes at a time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life recently and what I can blog about. I am now taking my thoughts one step forward and I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m not normal. When I start to seriously compare myself to other people think I’m far too honest in comparison to how they are honest with me, I think people find me slightly annoying and I think they also find me slightly overly energetic. I may have attention deficit disorder, it’s certainly something I was aware of a few years ago and something I’ve been thinking about.

Right time to get on with life and I hope your day is a good one.