I’ve been thinking more and more about who I am aware I want to be. Part of that process has been thinking about what my truth is. What a mean by that is how I rationalise my thoughts to myself and how truthful I am, depending on where those thoughts come from and what the intentions of those thoughts are.

I’m beginning to think my truth has three levels. The first level is in my head. My head will tell me that I need to lose weight for example. I will rationalise it and I will start to come up with a strategy to sorted out once and for all. However, my head will also tell me that I am doing it the wrong way and that I should seek more information before I start.

The second level of truth will be inside my heart. This is where the emotions out to do the thinking in my head. This is where I crave food, this is where I tell myself I don’t need to lose weight. This is where I give myself tough love and then we can all at the same time. Basically the heart rules the head too easily and leaves me in a situation where I never get things done.

At the third level is my gut truth. You know that feeling deep inside you that makes you feel sick when your thoughts and problems reaching fever pitch. Like the example if you think that if you don’t lose weight that the person you are with will leave you. Although that may not be true, it’s that the wrenching feeling that it just might be that can overpower your heart and your head really quickly and easily.

And these internal truths can always outdo external truths. No matter what the people around you tell you, your internal truce will always initially at least override the external truths, which usually turn out to be right. People often say trust your instincts, but in many cases when it comes to truth, we really don’t actually do ourselves justice.

So in closing today I think it’s important that you can separate the different types of truth that you use to rationalise your everyday thoughts and decisions. I’ll give you example, when I was looking to get my retina screen replacement sorted out on my MacBook recently, my head told me one thing, my heart told me another one my gut told me yet another. It took me a lot longer to reach a decision on who to trust to do the repairs, and it probably delayed it by several days, when the other stores would probably have done just as adequate a job.