The guy over the road from me is moving out today and I’ve been sitting here watching the removal men put his stuff into the van to the past 20 minutes. I don’t really understand why I was so fascinated by sitting and watching such a mundane thing but a few things about it struck me.

The thing I really thought about is that I think he is sad and scared about leaving his home. He’s getting on a bit and I would imagine he’s a little bit sad and scared because he knows he hasn’t got too many more moves left in him.

I also think he sad because I believe the people who live next to him are complete idiots and may have forced him out through making too much noise and being antisocial.

The sad thing that struck me was how cheap and disheveled his possessions looked. The way the workmen lovingly brought out his sofa and put it carefully into the van because they were being paid to and watched by him, is in stark contrast to the state the sofa was in. It was an old leather thing with scratches and rips all over it and to be honest if you saw it dumped in the street you wouldn’t be surprised.

The thing that struck me finally was how the workmen were doing the removal work. Because they were being paid they were handling all this furniture like it was a precious newborn baby, even though most of it was stuff you would turn your nose up at if you saw it at the local rubbish dump.

Perhaps I’m being harsh, or perhaps I’m just bored on a day when I had too much work to do not enough commitment to doing it.